Waterloo Limo Rentals

Waterloo Limo Rentals

Taking your loved one out for a special dinner to celebrate your 20th anniversary? Planning a party to celebrate your 40th birthday with your close group of friends? Club hopping with your troupe of mates on a Friday night?

In Waterloo, people arrange a limo rental for these sorts of special occasions. All those occasions call for a far more upscale form of ground transportation than a cab or the subway. In fact, if where you plan to go in Waterloo, or why you are going there, has a ‘special’, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ designation, there is only one way you should get there. You rent by a luxury limo.

At Epic Limo, we will consider ourselves to have failed in our mission if you went to anything special aboard a Corrolla or an Accord (no offense, Toyota and Honda). Those are workhorse vehicles that, thankfully, are best suited to your daily work commutes and errand runs.

A Luxury Vehicle For Every Special Occasion

Yes, we are a luxury limo service, offering luxury ground transportation to wherever in Waterloo you will want to go for the day (or night). But our service offering is a lot more focused, offering the right luxury vehicle for every luxury transportation need.

If you’re a group of friends prepping a celebratory party (or because you just feel like partying) and you want something a little out of the ordinary, we will suggest a party bus so you can take your party on the road.
And, no matter how much you enjoyed taking in all of Waterloo’s best sites during that rowdy revelry on the party bus last Friday night, we will suggest something a little more fitting for your Monday morning ride to Waterloo Airport for that overseas business trip. We have a fleet of luxury black sedans for that.
Just as well, we would rather you book our stretch limousines instead of your pack of girlfriends squeezing into one of our executive Cadillac sedans to your prom night party. With us, anything that would spoil your prom party dress and makeup isn’t allowed.

Luxury Transportation To Celebrate Waterloo’s Many Attractions

If you are a visitor to our great city, there is a lot to see and enjoy in Waterloo. Our city may be the smallest of the region’s three cities, but there is a reason Waterloo consistently makes the lists of the top ten cities to live in Canada.
Whether you are an indoor or outdoor type, there is something of interest for you to do in Waterloo. Fancy a round of golf? The breath-taking, 18-hole Grey Silo Golf Course is within the city’s limits. And on a sunny Saturday afternoon, a day out watching live horse races at the Grand River Raceway is the perfect escape for any equestrian.
For more intimate affairs like wedding and date night limo rides we make sure to create the right ambience. If you are renting a tour bus for a wine tasting tour with the family or with friends, we make sure the vehicle has a relaxed luxury feel that’s just perfect for such a refined pastime.
Of night time entertainment, Waterloo rivals Canada’s larger cities. If you prefer loud music and a rowdier party scene, the ever-busy Phil’s Grandson’s Place is a must-visit. And as alcohol always sits more comfortably on a bed of good grub, the local Molly Bloom’s Irish Pub is the perfect place for a leisurely drink.
For a quieter day, perhaps with the one you’re trying to impress, be one of the 20,000 classy souls that visit the Canadian Clay And Glass Gallery each year. To put everyone else competing for your target’s attention in your shadow, get carted there and back in luxury and comfort aboard one of our luxury limos.

Chauffeurs Who Serve With A Smile

Recognizing that you should be safe before you are comfortable, our limo drivers undergo extensive, on-going training to ensure they are up-to-date with all road safety standards. Before they are hired, they endure rigorous background checks. If we don’t know enough about a driver, there is no chance they will get hired as an Epic Limo chauffeur.

As well as safe driving, these chauffeurs are trained in the art of customer service so they can address clients’ in-rental queries with patience and empathy. These are men and women of impeccable social etiquette, who always serve with a smile. Our chauffeurs share a deep love for and knowledge of our wonderful city and are some of the best city guides Waterloo has to offer.

For the finest luxury limousines, executive sedans, Sprinter vans, and party buses with well-appointed interiors and best-in-class amenities that are driven by the most courteous chauffeurs, look no further than Epic Limo.

We Get You There In Style (And Safely)

We inspect all the safety equipment, including the fire extinguisher, working two-way communication systems, and ensure the mandated number of emergency triangles are there.

You can trust Epic Limo to guarantee the most luxurious ground transportation Waterloo has to offer. But we bet you never factor anything going wrong on your Waterloo limo rental. Well, you shouldn’t, because it is our job to do that. And we do it well, pulling out all the stops to make sure your limo rental is as luxurious and comfortable as it is safe.
Starting with the vehicles themselves, we rigorously inspect them for fitness before every rental. As well as the overall cleanliness of the vehicle, we check seat belts, emergency brakes, light indicators, tires, view mirrors, and door locks to see if everything is in good working order.

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