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Renting A Limo? How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus Infection

The fallout from COVID-19’s widening spread has been greater than previously thought and may yet worsen. Highly contagious as it is, the government of Canada and others have sensibly been preaching the social distancing gospel. But how will industries, like limo rental and executive airport transfer services, where social contact is a way of business survive?

If you have still got to travel and have to rent a limo or executive black car for the airport transfer, how do you avoid coronavirus infection and stay safe?

The Elevated Coronavirus Risk Of Rented Vehicles

The challenge with coronavirus is that it can survive on inanimate surfaces, like steel or plastics, for several days after contamination. It has even been reported that the virus can survive in the air for up to three hours.

For rented limos and taxis that are used daily by many different people, the risk you may rent a limo where even the air inside harbors the virus is higher than you would face walking down the street. Rented vehicles, thus, have an elevated potential as a source of coronavirus infection.

How To Stay Safe When Using A Car Hire Service


hand sanitizer

At this point, it is fair to say that people are now generally aware of how coronavirus spreads and what its symptoms are. The heightened awareness should inspire hope that we are close to containing the spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus. 

But what is also true is people now have a better idea of how to protect themselves in their homes than in, say, a rented limo where social distancing is less practical?

With coronavirus being as highly contagious as it is, you have a greater responsibility to be more scrupulous with the car rental services you choose. The standard criteria for choosing the best limo rental in your area must now be updated in light of the emergent coronavirus threat.

Here is how to ensure your limo rental choice does not put your health at risk:

Wear a Face Mask

You have probably read this too many times already, but if you are going to be renting a limo or using an executive airport transfer service, it is even more important to wear a face mask.

We have mentioned already that coronavirus can survive in the air for three hours. The consequence is the rental car may appear clean and have all frequently touched areas regularly disinfected, yet the air inside the vehicle may be carrying the virus. While disinfecting surfaces should be a fairly routine chore to accomplish, decontaminating the air inside the rental vehicle isn’t as easy.

A point to note is there are coronavirus advisories that downplay the necessity of wearing face masks if you are a healthy individual. They also argue that face masks give a false sense of security. But using rented small vehicles where air circulation is poor presents an increased risk of infection. In this case, wearing a face isn’t such a bad idea.

Of course, we must encourage the proper disposal of the face masks you use. Use the right face mask and avoid using the same one repeatedly. More importantly, know how to use a face mask properly.

Use Coronavirus-conscious Limo Rental Companies

By now all service providers in the travel industry know the level of responsibility they have for helping contain coronavirus’ widening spread. Part of this responsibility is putting measures that prevent their vehicles and drivers from being sources of coronavirus infection.

As you research your choices, look for limo rental companies that have publicized measures they are taking to protect their customers from coronavirus. That reassures you they are at least taking the coronavirus threat seriously. Again, without proper education, a chauffeur can also catch an infection and then unwittingly spread it forward to their passengers.

Carry a Disinfectant and Surface Wipes

You are probably not used to carrying a hand sanitizer and wet wipes at all times. But these are extraordinary times. So, to repeat what you have already read elsewhere, wash your hands with soap frequently to protect yourself from coronavirus infection.

Again this is something people don’t normally do, but it is safe to wipe all the commonly touched surfaces around you soon as you get into your rented limo or airport transfer car. You are likely too used to resting your hand on the seat or door handle that you will subconsciously do so even when you have taken the advice to avoid doing so.

Do not Assume the Limo Central company Will Clean Vehicles After Every Rental

Most car and limo rental service companies have taken extra steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus, with some pledging to clean their vehicles after every rental. All that is commendable. But you should not assume that their vehicles will now be safe.

Take steps to protect yourself regardless of the measures your limo rental provider may have taken. If your chauffeur still shakes hands when the common advice says not to do so, reconsider your limo rental choice. 

It is also not an over-reaction to refuse to get into a rented limo if you see that the driver does not carry a hand sanitizer, disinfectant, cleaning gloves, and portable disinfectant wipes in their vehicle. In short, be proactive about protecting yourself from coronavirus.

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