Limo Rental Milton

Limo Rentals Milton

At Epic Limo, we have set out to change that. We want limo rentals in Milton to go mainstream, but without a downgrade in the luxury.

We don’t envisage a time when you will be able to hail a limo for your daily commutes to work. Though we see nothing wrong if you choose a specific day to book a limo rental and be carted to work in style, all in celebration of your recent promotion to Area Sales Manager. We will even send a card to wish you well in your new role.

What we are creating is a limo service that everyone should be able to book at least once in a while to celebrate a special event. Our limo rentals will still be exclusive services with all the bells and whistles of a luxury ground transportation service. The difference is you will not have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

The Best Vehicle To Fit Your Needs

At Epic Limo, we strive to provide the best luxury transportation for every need. For business travellers that need the best executive level airport transfers we have just the right car. For a tailgating troupe of friends, we have a party bus that will fit that purpose.
What event do you need a limo rental for? A bachelorette party, birthday party, prom night, concert, or a night out on the town? There is a limo or party bus that fits all those events perfectly here at Epic Limo. Let’s talk about these vehicles.

Why our limo service?

  • Proud parents of a child graduating from the Milton campus of Wilfrid Laurier University should be able to reward their child with a limo ride to the venue of the graduation party.
  • Every working man shouldn’t struggle to spoil their wife with the surprise gift of a chauffeured limo ride to their anniversary dinner.
  • Every wedding couple should never have to be seen off from their wedding reception venue to their honeymoon riding in a Toyota Camry sedan.

Fully Customized Luxury Vehicles

Epic Limo rentals in Milton are all about creating unforgettable experiences. To this end, all our vehicles are fully customized for their specific purposes, from fully pimped out Mercedes Benz tour vans to executive cars that are literally ‘offices-on-wheels’. As soon as you step into our luxury rental vehicles you have got to feel that you are anywhere but regular city streets.

All our vehicles have the finest amenities in luxury ground transportation. We are talking of opulent, fully converted interiors with the most comfortable, leather upholstered seating, neon lights, wide screen TVs and sound systems with theater quality speakers, and a fully equipped kitchenette for rental tour vans, and a drinks bar. When you book a limo rental with Epic Limo, expect the utmost in comfort.

Security-Checked Professional Chauffeurs

While the limo or tour bus can be the most luxurious it can be, with the finest amenities possible, the driver of the vehicle can turn what should otherwise be an epic experience into one to forget. We thus realize clients fully relax and enjoy their limo rental when they have the reassurance that the chauffeur driving them is fully qualified, experienced, and security-checked.

At Epic Limo, chauffeurs with blemished criminal records have zero chances of getting hired. Neither do drivers with previous traffic violations. Our drivers know to drive safely and smoothly so the people in the back can literally forget they are actually on the road. They know the streets of Milton as well as anyone can claim, thus, clients can be sure they will get to their event at the scheduled time.

Epic Limo Rentals, Epic Experiences

All pick-ups and drop-offs are arranged expressly for the convenience of the client.

Our chauffeurs know they are a part of the experience we sell to clients. So they are courteous and will show up at the appointed pick up points at the agreed times.
Clients can rest assured they will not have to endure the anxiety of a limo driver who is late to pick up the bride and groom. You will get no such drama with Epic Limo. All pick-ups and drop-offs are arranged expressly for the convenience of the client. Now, when shall we schedule your rental?

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