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Limo Rental Guide: How To Plan The Perfect Night Out

A night out as friends on a Friday or Saturday is the best tonic for a draining work week. And booking a limo service is the best way to glitz up the night out. But the limo rental only takes care of one part of the plan – the luxury ground transportation. For the rest of the evening, it takes intentional planning to deliver a memorable night out.

In this article, we will go through the key planning steps you need to check off to deliver a truly unforgettable night out. 

Plan in Advance

Hopefully, that’s what we are doing now. Whether you are an all-girls, boys, or mixed-gender group of friends, or even a couple, the planning process should not be any different. It should be about not leaving key parts of your night out undecided until the last minute.

The first thing to decide on is what specifically you will be doing on the night out. Are you going to be bar hopping, going on a movie marathon…? If you are going out as a group of friends, there is a tonne of budget-friendly activities you could do on your night out:

  • Watch a stand-up comedy show
  • Sing for a crowd that won’t judge you at a karaoke bar
  • Go to a bowling alley near you and introduce some in your troop to the sport
  • Explore the younger you with late-night go-carts

Because you are renting a luxury limo for the night, getting around is not going to be an issue. For this reason, you have the freedom to use back roads and try the more obscure venues and activities you haven’t experienced yet.

Decide on a limo pick-up point that’s convenient to all of you, or simply work out a route that ensures you pick your mates on the way to wherever you are going for the night out.

Set Your Budget

You don’t want to regret your otherwise fabulous night out because you woke up to a large credit card bill from the night’s unplanned expenditure. Perhaps you want to decide on your venues and planned activities with one eye on the budget to avoid going back and forth as you plan. If that’s practical, then set the budget first.

Your night out excursions do not have to punch holes in your pocket to be enjoyable. Let your mind wander beyond the conventional night out activities, many of which are surprisingly inexpensive. Here are fun events that don’t require expensive tickets for access:

  • Art exhibitions,
  • Local music festivals
  • Indie movie screenings

Whatever you end up doing, remember to stay safe and on the right side of the law. And don’t forget to budget for the limo rental. Then again, how can you, seeing that it is what will tie all the pieces of this night out together?

Book Venues In Advance

Friends’ nights out aren’t fun if you are forced to dine or drink from separated tables because you didn’t make reservations in time. Restaurants, exclusive bars, and all other places with limited seating have to be booked in advance to avoid disappointments.

Making reservations ahead of time allows you to pick your favorite tables if you are going to be dining at a place you have eaten at before. Even if it’s an unfamiliar restaurant, by booking early you can still request that window table that sits a special number of people.

On The Night Out, Fill The Tank First

We don’t mean the limo’s fuel tank. That’s for us to worry about. What we mean is to get some grub to fill your own tank and make sure you have enough energy for the night’s excursions. Eating a carb-heavy meal also slows the effects of alcohol and ensures you don’t steal the show too early in the night. So the first entry on your itinerary should be a nice sit-down group meal at your chosen eatery.

That you don’t have your toddlers tagging along also means you aren’t limited to the regular fare of restaurant chain pizzas and burgers. You can make a group reservation at the best Italian restaurant on your side of town, or on the other side of town since you’re renting the limo for the night.

The caution here is to be sensitive to what your diet allows. There is a real risk to over-indulge yourself with foods you don’t normally eat when you order as a group. Know which foods and ingredients you should avoid either as part of your dieting plan or a health condition you are trying to manage.

You don’t want to undo weeks of work on your weight loss program or end up in the emergency room because of something you ate on your night out. If you can, pick dishes that make it easy to identify what you are eating. Nobody is better at taking care of you than you. 

Go Easy With The Drinks

Admittedly, drinking is a big part of nights out with friends. For some, the night out challenge is to discover the city’s best watering holes in one night. And that usually leads to trying out dozens of cocktails, with predictably regrettable results.

We all know how three drinks can suddenly become ten. And how the Saturday or Sunday morning after the night out can be filled with guilt, splitting headaches, and patchy memory of the night itself. Here are a few liver-friendly tips for a night of drinking:

  • Eat a good meal first, which we have already advised
  • Reduce the likelihood of a nasty hangover and a bulging stomach by avoiding sugary and syrupy cocktail mixers
  • Feign a loose bladder and regular trips to the loo if that is what it takes to skip some rounds and manage your alcohol intake
  • Decide on a night’s drink choice (like lagers or wine-only) and stick with it
  • Drink a glass of water between each round to stay hydrated and slow your alcohol intake.

Bonus Tip: Designate One Group Member To Manage The Planning Process

Planning a night out for a group of friends is time-consuming and can get hectic for all concerned. It is especially difficult to agree on venues and a date that fits everyone. For this reason, it will help to designate one group member to manage all this.

Nominate a group member with a passion and preferably some experience with events planning. Let them steer the planning process. The designated planner can set up a Facebook event to let everyone know of their proposed plan. Group chats are another good way to solicit views and keep everyone updated.

Bring The Night Out Plan Together With The Right Limo Service

Many a night out have been ruined by a rude chauffeur or a rented limo that arrives late to pick you up. You are booking a limo service because you don’t want to call and wait for a cab or an Uber, so choose your limo service wisely. At Epic Limo, we maintain a fleet of impossibly luxurious limousines with plenty of room for any group size, including party buses for extra-large groups.

Epic Limo’s limousines are driven by well-trained and experienced chauffeurs who know Toronto like the back of their hands. With us, your night out starts the moment you hope onto our vehicles. Book a limo rental for your next night out, get carted around town in style and avoid the polarizing debate on who the designated driver should be between you.

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