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So you have a special someone you want to get a really thoughtful gift for their birthday coming up next week. You know you have to think this gift idea through, particularly if it’s for someone you want to impress. Then you discover they are a wine enthusiast. What do you get them to celebrate their birthday?

You don’t buy them a good bottle of wine, because that’s expected. You could spend the time between now and their birthday stocking up on wine knowledge and then take them out for a special lunch where you will hope to impress them with your recently acquired wine knowledge. Or you could save yourself all the college-level reading and just book a Guelph limo rental for the day and take them to their favorite wine-tasting venues.

It is not an original idea, but it is one that works all the time, even for people who don’t pay any particular attention to the wines you select for dinner. And being a limo service, we can’t think of a better gift idea. We could think of other presents that you could fete that lucky soul with, but let’s talk about why you would even consider renting a limo from Epic Limo

Not Just Any Guelph Limo Service

Choosing the right limo rental for your event appears easier than it really is. Why?

Because there are so many limo rental services offering the same thing - luxury transportation. But let’s be clear about one thing: luxury transportation isn’t just about a luxury vehicle and a chauffeur. That’s just a car and a driver, nothing more. A proper luxury limo service should be about much more than that.

What makes limo rental selection tricky?

Is it appears anyone in Guelph can purchase a limousine vehicle, hire anyone who can drive to be the chauffeur, and start calling themselves a limo service. And, technically, they will be one. Yet, there are some important questions you must ask about them:

  • Do they have any service quality standards they uphold?
  • Are they properly registered?
  • Is the driver licensed to drive a limo rental vehicle?
  • Is the vehicle roadworthy, with the required safety features?

For us, a limo rental is all about the experience.

To be clear, Epic Limo ticks all the boxes above (and more).

At the end of the day, no one books a limo rental because they want a vehicle to transport them from point A to B. It isn’t about transportation, for which you can hail a cab. So where other limo services concentrate on getting you there aboard a limousine, we will get you there in style, and safely, of course. Our preoccupation is on ensuring that your rental is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

We like to think of our limo rentals as a luxury hotel service on wheels, with plush seating, well-appointed interiors, ample room to spread your legs and truly enjoy the ride. We spare no effort in making sure our clients are comfortable. The vehicles are outfitted with the latest infotainment and air conditioning systems.

Professionally Trained, Courteous Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are trained to always remember they are part of the experience our clients expect when they book a limo rental with us. They are trained to be courteous and to be there when clients need them but knowing to also stay out of clients’ way so they don’t end up getting in the way. Our chauffeurs know all the streets in the city of Guelph because they have driven them for years.
Passionate about serving our great city, they serve with the pride of true locals. More than just drivers, our chauffeurs care about both your safety and comfort. They make sure your rides tick every box for a five-star luxury ground transportation service. The rides are smooth, with no chance of spilled drinks and ruined wedding dresses and suits because the driver took a sharp turn.

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