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Booking in advance is a good way to get cheap limo rentals. 


Pre-booking assures us as the airport limo rental company of sales ahead of time, which is a good position to be in for any business. With a clearer idea of how busy we are likely going to be, it gets easier to plan our schedules and prepare our vehicles. It reassures our chauffeurs and other key staff that there is enough work to keep them busy and earning.


As a limo rental company, filling all our available bookings ahead of time can also save us money that we would otherwise have to spend on marketing and costs associated with last-minute bookings by clients. We are always happy to share those savings with our clients by offering discounts for advance bookings.


Take Advantage of Discounts In The Slower Months


The limo rental business, unfortunately, suffers from fluctuating demand. Sometimes [...]


The fallout from COVID-19’s widening spread has been greater than previously thought and may yet worsen. Highly contagious as it is, the government of Canada and others have sensibly been preaching the social distancing gospel. But how will industries, like limo rental and executive airport transfer services, where social contact is a way of business survive?


If you have still got to travel and have to rent a limo or executive black car for the airport transfer, how do you avoid coronavirus infection and stay safe?


The Elevated Coronavirus Risk Of Rented Vehicles



The challenge with coronavirus is that it can survive on inanimate surfaces, like steel or plastics, for several days [...]

A night out as friends on a Friday or Saturday is the best tonic for a draining work week. And booking a limo service is the best way to glitz up the night out. But the limo rental only takes care of one part of the plan – the luxury ground transportation. For the rest of the evening, it takes intentional planning to deliver a memorable night out.


In this article, we will go through the key planning steps you need to check off to deliver a truly unforgettable night out. 



Plan in Advance





Hopefully, that’s what we are doing now. Whether you are an all-girls, boys, or mixed-gender group of friends, or even a couple, the planning process should not be any different. It should be about [...]

Upscale Your Riding Experience

With Limo Rentals in Cambridge
Get Treated Like Royalty – Whatever The Occasion



There is nothing as regal and elegant as taking a ride in a Limousine – be it for the prom or a party, for your Birthday or Wedding Day, for a trip to the airport or a special corporate event… and more.


There could also be days when you do not like driving and would rather sit back and let someone else do the heavy lifting through traffic.  Instead of depending on unreliable taxis or expensive rental cars, you could now try the luxury and affordability of limousine rentals.


Underline your presence – At any [...]

Deliver the Perfect Birthday Surprise

With A Limousine Rental in Cambridge.
Everyone loves a birthday surprise – make it special with a limousine ride


A birthday is one of the biggest events in the year in anyone’s life. It’s a magical night to celebrate with family, friends and maybe even a special someone.


Whether you are planning a Surprise Birthday Party, a Birthday Dinner or you just want to go out and party with friends for a Birthday night to remember, a Limousine rental can make the day special in many ways.



Birthday Party Limousines – the perfect “celebration vehicles” for any birthday parties



When you go for a Limousine Rental to throw a surprise birthday party, your Limo company [...]

Arrive In Style On Your Big Day




A wedding is one of the most awaited events in anyone’s life. That’s why people get very excited to make this occasion spectacular.


No doubt the elegant decoration of the wedding venue, the bride and groom’s dresses and others matter, but there is one more thing that can make your event extraordinary and luxury-packed. And that’s none other than the ‘Wedding Limousine Rental Services’.


It’s a wise decision to hire a Limo for the wedding. Weddings are special occasions in people’s lives. Your goal is to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


Say goodbye to stress: Weddings are no doubt beautiful occasions to cherish. Hiring a wedding [...]

The quality you deserve. The esteem you desire


There is nothing like a chauffeured limo service to take care of the unique transportation needs a business may have like charters, multi-day vehicle rentals, and conference delegate shuttles.

Hiring a professional corporate Limo service for your business and executive staff can take care of all your corporate transportation services in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Your time is precious, that’s why a professional limo service can offer packages that adhere to all your needs. From the initial booking to arrival at your various destinations, streamlined corporate limo services can ensure that you get the best of the best.

Below are some of the valuable reasons to hire a Limo for all your corporate travel needs.


Travel in comfort: One of the most common reasons why people hire a corporate Limo is to travel comfortably. Compared to other modes of transport like regular corporate car [...]



When you think of the Black Card among credit cards, you immediately conjure up images of limitless luxury. The Black Card is undoubtedly a global leader in premium offerings and stands for superior innovation, value and service.


Black Card members enjoy first-class experiences including 24/7 Concierge service, patented metal cards, member-only event invitations, VIP travel benefits and many more


While the Black Card is one of the most exclusive travel credit cards, you can only get one if you have received an invitation. But comparatively, hiring a Limo for your ride is easier, be it for a Prom night, your Wedding event, a business trip or departure to the airport.




Life is best lived when every event, occasion, and experience can be turned into a celebration.

One of the ways to make life joyous, especially if planning an event, is to hire a luxury car ride to elevate the experience.

Though there are various possibilities when it comes to luxury car rides, hiring a limousine always stands apart. Did you know that you can hire a Limo for many events apart from just weddings and high profile corporate events.

Here are some of the occasions when you can hire a Limo to make your event celebration creative and colourful.

Prom Night: The Prom Night is one of the most common times people rent a Limo. It represents the end of eventual phase in a student’s life and the start of another. Many students rent a limousine to make this moment as memorable as possible.


How a Limousine Can Make Your Special Day

The Best Day Of Your Life Deserves The Best Ride



A wedding is one of the most awaited events in everyone’s life. Across the world, people get very excited to make this occasion spectacular.


Of course, the selection of the marriage venue, the elegant dresses of the groom and the bride, tasty sweets all play a vital role in making the wedding memorable. In addition to all, there is one more thing that can make the event extraordinary. Yes, nothing can add extra glamour to your wedding, like hiring a Limo service for the special day.


Arrive In Glamour. Arrive In Style


From arriving in style, with perfect comfort to being treated like royalty and creating lasting memories, there are [...]

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